Emissions Repair

When you need emission repairs that won’t let you down, come to Palma's Auto and Muffler!

Emissions Repair

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Let us show you why customers prefer our emissions repair service in Bolingbrook, IL! At Palma's Auto and Muffler, only a certified emissions mechanic,who is trained and experienced, will focus on repairing your vehicle’s emissions-related failure. Diagnosis and repair of such emissions-related problems has become a specialized service because it may involve many associated components. It can be challenging, even for experienced technicians who are not specialized in the emissions repair specialty.

Statistics have revealed that a simple tune-up is usually unable to solve most emissions failures. If your vehicle has failed an emissions requirements, you will be given a vehicle inspection report containing details about specific tests performed and their results. It will help a professional emissions repair mechanic accurately diagnose the problem.

If you’re worried your vehicle won’t pass the emissions requirements, we have the technical know how, diagnostic tools, and equipment to identify why your vehicle is releasing elevated emissions. Come to our emissions repair shop for our affordable and excellent emissions repair service! We guarantee your total satisfaction!

Of course, preventive maintenance is the best policy! You should not delay following the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Proper maintenance will help your vehicle pass the emissions requirements the first time. Ignoring warning signs, such as the appearance of a check/service engine light, increases the potential for costly repairs.

Palma's Auto and Muffler will examine the emissions control system for:

• Any evaporative smoke system leaks
• Any evaporative emission system leaks
• And, conduct an evaporative smoke machine analysis

We provide warranties for the products we use and our emissions repair service. The Illinois Air Team Repair Shop Report Card has given Palma's Auto and Muffler a good rating. Our good rating reflects our capable certified emissions mechanics’ abilities to identify and repair challenging emissions-related issues.

You can trust our experienced mechanics to provide you with hassle-free emissions repairs that are done right the first time! Call us today to learn more about our emissions repair service.
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