Muffler Repair

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Muffler Repair

Muffler Repair | Palma's Auto and Muffler - Bolingbrook, IL

Is it time for a muffler repair? We recommend a qualified muffler mechanic at Palma's Auto and Muffler be entrusted with examining your vehicle, if you live in and around Bolingbrook, IL. Muffler repair is a specialty of ours.

A muffler is a critical part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. This cylinder is located in the rear, underneath the vehicle. Every state, including Illinois, mandates functioning mufflers on vehicles traveling on public roads. You will find we charge you less than the dealership, and our rates are competitive with other muffler repair shops.

Mufflers lower the noise volume of exhaust gases by diminishing the sound waves an engine produces as it operates. Because the process also results in back pressure, mufflers are key components in the operational efficiency of the engine. After the exhaust gases pass through the muffler, they exit the vehicle through the tailpipe.

Different types of vehicles may have different types of mufflers. For instance, large diesel trucks have vector mufflers, whereas, regular cars have a spiral, baffle-type muffler. If you hear a rattling sound when starting, braking, or accelerating, your muffler may need to be fixed or replaced. A muffler repair or checkup may also be needed when you hear a loud boom or hissing sounds,or if rust or soot covers the tailpipe and you get drowsy when you drive.

A muffler typically needs to be replacedmore than once during the lifetime of a vehicle. Aftermarket replacements may only last a couple of years, when you live in the Bolingbrook, IL climate, where it is exposed to snow, salt, and rain, and vulnerable to corrosion or other damage.

Muffler repair will:

• Reduce noise
• Improve engine efficiency
• Lower the engine’s heat

Cost will vary depending on how simple or complicated the job may be. Minor muffler repairs include fixing damaged clamps and welding a loose muffler into place. Replacement costs will vary with the type of vehicle (car, SUV, van, or truck), and whether it’s an aftermarket product or manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer.

If other parts of the exhaust system also need to be repaired or fixed, the costs will also reflect that need. But, keep in mind, the products we install and our repair service carry warranties.

We guarantee you won’t find a more competent service at a different muffler repair shop! Contact us to schedule an appointment, when you feel you need a muffler repair or checkup.

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