Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment | Palma's Auto and Muffler - Bolingbrook, IL

An important factor in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and gas mileage is proper wheel alignment. If your wheels are not aligned properly, they will fight against your steering. This will cause undue tread wear and decrease your car’s gas mileage. This means you lose more money since you will be replacing tires more often and spending more on fuel. Palma's Auto and Muffler has the professionals needed to complete a thorough and expert wheel alignment in Bolingbrook, IL.

We use computerized alignment equipment that measures every alignment angle on today’s cars. It measures both adjustable and non-adjustable angles. Issues with the non-adjustable angles will require repairs or replacement of your suspension. The most common adjustable angles include the following:

•    Toe—The tilted direction of the wheels toward or away from each other when viewed from above.
•    Camber—The tilted direction of the wheels toward or away from each other when viewed from the front.
•    Caster—This is the angle of the steering axis relative to an imaginary vertical line going through the center of the wheel when looked at from the side.
•    Thrust Angle—This is the relationship of all four wheels with each other, as well as their orientation relative to an imaginary center line from bumper to bumper.

Our technicians will accurately evaluate your wheel alignment utilizing our computerized systems and make sure that you do not need any adjustments. That way you can drive off knowing you are getting the best fuel efficiency your car can offer.

We at Palma's Auto and Muffler are the pros when it comes to alignment, so if you are having any issues in the Bolingbrook, IL area, we can take care of them and help you put some more gas money in your pocket. Make an appointment today for a check-up!

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